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Hello, and thanks for surfing by!
I am, by good fortune, a Texan happily homesteading in Tennessee. I had a modest, but fabulous upbringing. I spent almost every waking hour outdoors, camping and running the rivers of southwest Texas. My parents were my heroes. They gave up a lot to give me every opportunity to succeed, and they were always there when I struggled or failed.

As a parent now, I try to do the same for my children. My children are terrific people, and I couldn't be any more proud of them.

I had a very challenging and rewarding career right out of college. I worked hard and played hard (often too hard), but was fortunate enough to pick up some terrific education. For over 30 years I worked in Aerospace & Defense, consulted, lobbied, and generally made hay in the sunshine.

Today, while mostly retired from my lifelong day job, I now devote my personal efforts to career 2.0--my passion for conservation biology. Working with Patagonia, I fight for wild, free-flowing rivers by offering my core professional skill set of effective public and political advocacy, in addition to privately funding select projects. Through these offerings, I provide conservancy, advocacy, and outdoor groups effective leadership in their outward-facing efforts to restore damaged rivers, and to ensure ample water supplies for cities and farms.

When not traveling, in the summer months, I tend my organic farm perched on the northwestern ridge of the Natchez Trace Parkway, just West of Nashville. I've also been known to play a little music up there. From late October until the end of March, I'm usually hiking and fishing somewhere off the beaten path here in the United States.

I'm very blessed to be surrounded by nature and by great friends who enjoy living well.

Please see my LinkedIn profile and, as always, drop me a line to let me know how I can help your organization achieve its goals.

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You can reach me by text or phone at (615) 669-9359.

Please be aware, electronic contacts seldom work where I spend my days (which is great problem to have), so thanks in advance for your patience in waiting for a reply.